Christina Haack is accustomed to catering to her clients’ tastes, but on the latest “Christina on the Coast,” she faces a true challenge when a husband and wife want very different looks—in the same house, of course.

In “Midcentury Boho Home,” Haack helps George and Adri renovate their home in California’s Orange County. But since Adri loves California coastal design and George wants a more midcentury modern look, their style clash has caused a renovation standstill.

“We can’t do anything because we can’t come to an agreement,” George says.

Now it’s up to Haack to combine their two styles, all while sticking to a $100,000 budget.

Although Haack ends up going over budget and spending $138,000, the results are worth every penny. The renovated home is a little bit coastal, a little bit midcentury modern, and entirely beautiful. Here’s how Haack combines two popular decor styles, which might inspire you to try a little mixing and matching in your own abode.

Use a midcentury modern color on open shelving

This kitchen needed a lot of work.


Haack experiences Adri and George’s style struggles starting in the kitchen. While Adri loves open shelves, George would rather go with cabinets. Haack tries to appease both parties by proposing floating shelves with a midcentury look.

“I know you’re not super into floating shelves, but this is a midcentury color,” Haack tells George.

Indeed, the light oak hue of these shelves wins George over, and in the end, this compromise seems like the right call in this kitchen.

This kitchen is a perfect blend of coastal and midcentury modern styles.


Create a sink out of composite countertops

This composite sink is beautiful and creative.


Since George works in the tile industry, he sees a lot of different designs and wants his home to be unique. Luckily, Haack has an idea to make that happen by using a composite countertop material not just for the counters, but also the sink.


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“Composite countertops are made from all natural and recycled materials, like crushed stone,” Haack says. “It’s designed to look like marble but is less porous, making it much more resistant to chemicals and scratching.” So the countertop material is durable enough to be used as a sink.

George and Adri love the idea, and the new counter and sink give the kitchen a seamless flow from end to end.

Choose two backsplashes rather than one

With two different tiles, this backsplash is unique.


When it comes to the backsplash, Adri and George naturally have a hard time deciding on what to do. So Haack goes out on a limb, saying, “I want to do something kind of unique.”

Haack suggests running the composite counters up the wall about 14 inches, then finishing the wall with zellige tile, a handmade Moroccan tile of glazed terra cotta.

“It’s a nice blend of the California contemporary,” Haack says.

In the end, the two-tone backsplash looks beautiful, proving that sometimes, two styles are better than one.

An iron-grid glass shower door adds modern flair

Christina Haack had a blank canvas in this bathroom.


With the kitchen looking great, Haack also renovates George and Adri’s bathrooms. For the master shower, she chooses a glass door with iron grids. It’s a modern take on the traditional glass shower door, making this bathroom edgy and unique.

“I’m so glad we went with the black-gridded shower door,” she says. “I feel like that completely transformed the whole space.”

These black bars give this bathroom a unique look.


Use the same flooring in the bathroom and the shower

The porcelain tile was cut into smaller rectangles for the shower pan.


To finish the main bathroom, Haack wants to use a wood-tone porcelain flooring and she has an idea to make this space look extra roomy.

“I would love to carry that flooring into the shower so it feels bigger,” Haack says to George and Adri.

George offers to cut the tile so that instead of being the same big rectangular pieces as the bathroom floor, the shower tiles can have a different, more delicate look. By using the same material, this bathroom looks streamlined, but the smaller tiles give the shower more definition.

“It feels luxurious but boho, a bit midcentury,” Haack says. “I feel like this bathroom really combined your guys’ styles.”