We’re not sure why the cliche of dads being difficult to shop for rings so true, but we’re over it. Us here at Daily Mail Best Buys want dads out there to feel just as pampered and special as we like to feel no matter if it’s a birthday, Christmas or just because.

That’s why we’ve worked to create a fool-proof list of gifts for dads. Consider this your one-stop shop any time of year so that you don’t have to stress over what to get your dad. And if you need more gift ideas for dad, check out our Father’s Day gift ideas for more presents that won’t disappoint.

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Classic

Ray-Ban Classic Clubmasters in ‘Tortoise’ with Classic Green G-15 lenses. Photo: Ray-Ban

Classic. Iconic. Practical. No, we aren’t talking about your dad, we’re talking about Ray-Ban’s Clubmaster Classic sunglasses. These sunnies have been trendy since your dad was your age which is why we’ve selected them for this list. They’re a go-to pair of sunglasses that suit a Sunday drive just as well as the morning commute or a day out sailing. Backed by the quality of the Ray-Ban brand, your dad will have these sunglasses for years to come. They come in a great selection of colours, too, so even if he already has a pair of trusty sunglasses, why not give him a new pair to diversify his options?

£176 at Ray-Ban

Amazon Echo Show 8 (2nd Generation)

The 2nd Gen Echo Show 8. Photo: Amazon

If your dad isn’t too techy, don’t be scared away from this fool-proof gift pick. A smart home hub can take some getting used to, but before too long, they become a part of your daily routine – a part that your dad might not know he’s missing. What we love about the Echo Show 8 is that it performs all the tasks a Echo Dot does (playing music, setting reminders, controlling lighting, etc.) but it also has a screen. This allows you to display photos and more as well as make video calls to loved ones. One of our Best Buys editors bought an Echo Show 8 for their father and instilled a tradition of Sunday afternoon video calls to keep in touch.

£119.99 at Amazon

The Sunday Times Wine Club Wine Box


Some dads have all the stuff; every gadget, every gizmo, you name it, they have it. This gift idea is perfect for your dad. Not only is receiving a box of wine unexpectedly one of the most exciting things, but once your dad has enjoyed the wines curated by The Sunday Times Wine Club, he doesn’t have anything new that’s just sitting around the house. It’s a great idea no matter if your dad is only just beginning to explore wines or if he’s a seasoned connoisseur. The Wine Club is also an ideal choice because they have different options for different budgets. Select a duo of classic wines or send him an entire case of wine, the choice is yours! Better yet, gift him a wine subscription form The Sunday Times.

Starting at £20 at The Sunday Times Wine Club

Ancestry DNA Activation Kit

Photo: Ancestry.co.uk

There’s something special about being able to see exactly what your genetic makeup looks like in terms of heritage. If your dad’s family feels like they’re from all over the world, an Ancestry DNA kit is an exciting way to better understand your dad’s history. Likewise, if you feel like your family has been in the same place for hundreds of years, a DNA kit can tell you just how surprisingly diverse your family may be. Who knows, finding out his heritage might set you dad up with a new hobby of researching the family tree! If so, he can use the information gathered in the DNA test to better trace his lineage on Ancestry.co.uk.

£79 at Ancestry

Personalised 12” Vinyl Record

Photo: Not on the High Street.

Where you and your dad’s favourite songs merge with his (probable) love for records is where you find this gift. Take note the next time a song plays on Spotify that makes you think of your old man and include it on your personalised vinyl. Not only is this gift super thoughtful, it means your dad has a one-of-a-kind album that makes him think of you every time he listens. Choose up to six songs for this special fool-proof gift or opt for a seven-inch record that includes one song.

£100 at Not on the High Street

Beer Bods Subscription


Beer is a unique staple in society; you can’t beat many of the old-school brews, but there are tons of new, craft beers on the market that are equally deserving of our time and attention. That’s where the Beer Bods subscription box comes into play. Not only does this subscription service introduce your dad to new and old beers, it allows him to learn the story behind the beer so he can become an expert on one of the world’s favourite libations. Beer Bods even hosts a live beer tasting every Thursday night, so it’s more than just reading about a beer in a pamphlet.

Starting at £24 at Beer Hawk

Amazon Prime Membership


Okay, this isn’t the most glamorous present out there, but if your dad is truly difficult to buy for, paying it forward can be one of the best ways to treat your dad. Sure, he is going to pay for his Prime membership anyway to make sure he has two-day delivery and to watch all the shows he loves, but why not take a year’s worth of Prime off his hands? That way he can shop (who knows what for!) and stream all he wants without having to think about that monthly or yearly fee.

£79 per year at Amazon

Prices updated on 01/07/2021. We are not responsible for any changes on the prices mentioned above.