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With summer just in, you might be thinking of spending time in the garden or enjoying the patio. But now is also the perfect time to refresh your interior design for a warm-weather makeover. Here are five fun ideas for summer decorations that will make your home feel as bright and airy as a day at the beach.

Keep Things Light

After being cooped up in our cozy winter dens with heavy throws and bulky blankets, it’s time to shed some layers. The arrival of summer is your cue to pack away all the dark colors, heavy textiles and winter patterns and swap them for light and airy summer styles.

Exchange flannel sheets and heavy duvets for linen sheets and a light bedspread to help keep you cool while you sleep.  Switch out cozy winter throws and thick towels for lightweight Turkish blankets and towels that are both stylish and quick-dry!

Get a Little Fruity

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If you’re searching for the perfect summer decoration that goes with everything, comes in a variety of pretty colors and smells great too, look no further than your local market. A bowl full of citrus adds an instant splash of summer to your kitchen, dining room or patio. Pick a pretty bowl or basket and fill it up with your favorite colorful fruits. Not only do you get a low-cost and affordable summer decoration, you also get a tasty and healthy treat!

Add Flower Power to Your Decor

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When it comes to the top summer decorations, it’s important to remember that flowers are not just for vases! Summer is the season to embrace pretty colors and patterns, and that means more flower power!

Test the waters with a pillow or a throw in a floral pattern, but you won’t want to stop there. Add a flowered tablecloth or put down a flowered runner to dress up the dining room or a hallway. To really pack a floral punch, switch out some more prominent decor items like curtains and area rugs.

Make Your Mantle a Summer Focal Point

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T’is not the season to get cozy by the fire. But that doesn’t mean you should just ignore your fireplace for the rest of the year. Now is the perfect time to clean and inspect your fireplace so it’s ready for use in the fall. Once the fireplace is looking its best, clear off the mantle so you’re starting with a blank canvas.

Choose fun summer decorations like seashells, colored glass, driftwood and handpicked flowers and greenery to give your mantle the perfect summer vibe. Finish by arranging some pretty candles in the fireplace so you can still have that romantic glow without all the heat of a roaring fire.

Step Up Your Holiday Decor

No matter what holiday you’re celebrating, if it’s in the summer, you can go all out. Whether it’s Independence Day, Canada Day or a birthday, take your summer decorations to the next level. Wrap your home in red, white and blue, deck your halls with maple leaves or line your walkway with balloons. Whatever you celebrate this summer, go ahead and have fun with it!

Have a great summer with these five ideas for fun summer decorations!