Storing White Wines With Red Wines: Is it Safe?

Storing red and white wine is not as difficult as it appears. However, maintaining the optimum temperature is the most important aspect of properly ageing your wine. As a result, you should consider why you need to store wine at the appropriate temperature, how to best store your wines in your wine cooler, the recommended storage temperature for each wine variety, and if you can store reds and whites together. If you’re looking for a wine cooler, provides a large range of wine coolers and wine storage recommendations, such as storing red or white wine. Furthermore, reading online customer reviews before purchasing any wine cooler may give insight into various wine cooler brands, helping you avoid purchasing a low-quality wine cooler.

The Best Way To Store Wine

It’s important to store wine horizontally, especially in corked bottles. The wine will keep the cork moist, keeping it from drying out and allowing oxygen to enter, causing sediment to form. You may also use a cellar sleeve or plastic protection to keep the labels from becoming damaged by preventing moisture from loosening them. In addition, the area where your wine cooler is kept should be dark and well-ventilated. To guarantee that your wine ages well and does not rot due to sediment development, you must ensure that the proper wine storage conditions are in place. Accordingly, you should not keep wine near strong or pungent odours that might harm the wine or the cork. Consistent ventilation is also required. Wine thrives in dark, vibration-free conditions as well. Moving the wine around or smashing anything nearby might cause vibrations. Finally, the humidity level in your wine cellar should be between 50% and 70% since anything higher may stimulate mould growth, making the wine bottles extremely delicate.

Why Are Optimum Temperatures Essential For Wine?

Many people mistake lifting the bottle and placing it on the table without considering the temperature when serving wine. However, it is critical to ensure it is at the proper serving temperature when serving any wine. You must also do so to release all of the pleasant fragrances and flavours. When wine isn’t served at the appropriate temperature, some of the flavours are lost, and you won’t be able to fully enjoy all of the wine’s essential aromas and flavours. While most people know that you should store wine at the right temperature and in the best possible condition, you should also be mindful of why this is necessary. However, you should mature a bottle of wine at the proper temperature to avoid early ageing or spoilage due to wine storage conditions.

Can You Store Reds and Whites Together?

The quick answer to this contentious subject is that red and white wines can be stored in the same cooler or fridge at the same temperature. However,  red and white wines get served at various temperatures, so you should invest in a dual-zone refrigerator. For example, you should serve a red wine at 13°C to 18°C, whereas you can serve white wines at 9°C to 13°C. If you’re going to keep your wine for a long time, it’s usually good to keep your reds and whites in the same place at a temperature of 13°C. Your white wine will be ready to serve at this temperature, while your red wine will require a few minutes to aerate and warm up to the right temperature. However, keeping them at different temperatures can be a good idea if you plan to serve your wine soon.