Spencer Brown makes his Factory 93 debut with his three-track I Was Too Young for 90s Raves EP. The project, which welcomes a collaboration with Raito, sees the San Francisco-based producer combine mirroring eras of house and techno and infuse them with his signature progressive style. Brown said of the thematic motivations behind the release,

“I like to play very diverse sets with all sorts of styles tied together by my signature flow, I presented these three tracks to Factory 93 when they reached out for music, expecting them to accept one or two. I feel honored that they accepted all three, where ‘Thanks, Guy’ is deeper progressive, ‘ID v14’ is a techno hammer, and ‘I Was Too Young For 90s Raves’ is a higher energy progressive track hinting at ’90s trance. The three tracks together round out an EP that I will be playing out for many years to come.”

I Was Too Young for 90s Raves leads listeners into a realm of sophisticated rhythms and transcendent sounds that cumulatively pay tribute to Factory 93’s underground culture. At once modern and vintage, the EP presents a temporally informed approach to intertwining styles in a colorful merging of what once was and what presently is. Stream I Was Too Young for 90s Raves below.

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