Most people loo for small kitchen extension ideas because of a lack of space, or because it’s dark or the existing kitchen is an awkward shape.  Getting an architect and designer involved at an early stage is essential, before you go off on a tangent then realise you can’t have all the things you wanted. An architect, designer or sometimes a clever builder can even create the best kitchen extensions, spaces you hadn’t even thought about.

Howard Miller, Architect and Owner of bespoke kitchen designers H. Miller Bros. says “Think of a kitchen extension as adding quality not quantity, by adding the things the existing room is missing – such as natural light, ceiling height, an interesting view, access to the garden etc.  You can transform an existing room by adding just 3m2 if that space has a nice tall ceiling with a skylight, places to hang lighting or plants, a big picture window with a window seat or a beautiful view through a set of doors to the garden.” 

Yanic Simard of Toronto Interior Design Group says “In a small extension/addition, rather than a typical cabinet-based island, try using a cart-style island with open sides. Island carts give a barely-there look that makes the kitchen appear more open while still giving useful storage you can access from all sides. If the island is moveable, it will also allow you to pull it up to the back counters or push it away when convenient, or even roll it over to another area of the home to serve as a buffet station or drink cart.”