PEORIA — Three old homes in Peoria got national attention on a new HGTV show called “Cheap Old Houses.” 

Hosts Elizabeth and Ethan Finkelstein visited Peoria as part of their ongoing effort to celebrate old homes and encourage people to restore them. The pair are the founders of the popular Instagram page @cheapoldhouses, which features architecturally intact homes all over the U.S. selling for less than $150,000.

Based in New York, the couple had heard a lot about Peoria from their followers, so when they began filming the TV show, Peoria was one of the first places they visited.  

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Filmed in January, the episode kicks off with an early morning view of the Illinois River and downtown Peoria sprinkled with snow. Elizabeth and Ethan are driving through downtown on the way to the first home on Callender Avenue. Along the way, they relate some Peoria history.