Earlier this year, Italian-based Piredda & Partners has unveiled its newest superyacht concept, the 110-meter (361-foot) Now, a vessel meant to herald in a new era for yachting. To best understand why this vessel is so praised, it’ll help to know a bit about its creators.

Piredda & Partners is the sort of team that’s rather young as far as ship-building heritage is concerned. This team, led by Founder Nicolò Piredda, aims to deliver the next generation of yachting. With a focus on customer satisfaction and service, impeccable and bold designs, and the know-how to put it all together, designs like the Now showcase what some consider the pinnacle of yachting.

Even though the team is rather young, Piredda was crowned 2018’s Young Designer of the Year by Boat International Design & Innovation Awards and has spent time raising his expertise among world-famous Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design. His work with Oceanco won him the previously mentioned reward and later went to work on Project Next, a 62-meter (203-foot) vessel for Lurssen Yachts.

At this time, very little is known about the mysterious Now. The only information unveiled so far regards the general dimensions of the ship, its guest and crew capacity, and the massive focus on interior design. Other than that, the manufacturer’s website states nothing regarding any functional assessments that may have been performed, but there isn’t much of a point in doing so at this time. Ultimately, these details will be handled when someone steps forward with the properly-sized checkbook to kick things off.

Nonetheless, if and when someone takes this leap of faith, they’ll be receiving a vessel with a length of 110 meters (361 feet). Imagine what it would be like to live upon a ship the size of a football field. With an average beam of 15,56 meters (51 feet), it’ll be like being aboard a Carnival Cruise ship, only your own Carnival Cruise ship. Overall, 18 guests will be tended to by a crew of 41 members. That’s nearly two crew members for every guest. What’s that even like?

Even though the manufacturer’s website states nothing about the technical aspects of the Now, a large focus has been placed upon the exterior and interior design. Some of the most discerning features of the ship, aside from its size, are the two bulbous superstructures atop. Vessel designs with similar super structures are known for being capable of traveling all seven seas (expedition or research ships).

The hull includes a design known among previous crafted ships as one of the most versatile around. The bow of the Now is sharp and looks like it was ripped right off a destroyer class ship, while aft, the ship settles low and wide as to create an impressive beach deck.

As for the interior design, this is where the new crew really shows off what they can do. With a focus on customization that goes well beyond just superstructures and into every nook and cranny of the ship, the Now gives you a feeling that you’re spending life in a luxury hotel lobby with nothing more than you and your friends. This team’s attention to the interior goes as far as even choosing corresponding fluff pillows and lighting tones.

One focus of the Now is entertainment. The superstructure extends over three decks and includes rooms for movie nights, with seating for all guests and a cinema-style screen, billiard room, forward-facing lounge room with glass walls, and 270-degree viewing, not to mention an interior lounge that spreads over two decks and even includes a catwalk of sorts. I almost forgot, the cinema room couples as a concert hall for small orchestras or bands; stage included. You could even host a TED talk.

Personal rooms are just as lavish and balanced as the rest of the spaces aboard the ship. One feature guests will get a kick out of are the large and tinted windows offering a view out of the ship but keeping prying eyes out. Sleek and well-rounded furnishings are sure to keep you safe as the vessel bangs against waves.

On a little side note in case you’re out looking for a yacht soon: if you want to know what experience looks like, always look at the furniture which a yacht yard has designed for its ships. You’ll quickly catch who’s who in the yachting world.

As for the Now, I don’t think it will be long until some oil/tech baron gets ahold of this article and rings up Piredda & Partners. After all, a vessel like this is more than just a fun house; it can be one very interesting investment.