Nan Inc. – Making a Contribution to Society

A quick look at the top ten construction firms in Hawaii will show you the name of Nan Inc. Founded more than thirty years ago, the company’s headquarters are based in Honolulu, Hawaii and it has developed a solid reputation in the industry. It was established in 1990 by Nan Chul Shin, who is recognized as Patrick Shin, and he was determined to make his company a success. Looking at the success of the company at this point, it is safe to say that Patrick Shin of Oahu, owner of Nan Inc., has managed to achieve his goal quickly and quite well.

He is originally from South Korea and immigrated to the US with his family, after which he changed his name. He founded the company after working in a construction company in Hawaii for two years. He wanted to create a company that could help in making a difference in Hawaii and help improve its future. Today, Nan Inc. has become a prominent company in the construction industry of Hawaii and has certainly made a big difference in the state’s future. It began small with just one employee working with the founder as they took on any and all projects that came their way.

Now, it has become a construction giant that deals with multimillion dollar projects and handles them professionally, just as it has done from the get-go. The difference is that Nan Inc. has now expanded its workforce to include more than 600 people and has also had the honor of handling some of the biggest construction projects in the state of Hawaii. These include improving a number of historical structures, constructing a number of hotels and resorts for the hospitality industry and boosting infrastructure through renovations of airports, roads and other spaces.

With more than 3,000 projects already under their belt, Nan Inc. is servicing the public as well as private sector and have maintained their reputation for providing quality, professional and competitive work. The good thing about the company is that it is not only known for its construction; they have also contributed to the Hawaiian society in other ways. They have made numerous donations and supported a lot of charities and causes that work for the better future of Hawaii. This is in accordance with the vision of the company’s founder who wants to give back to the people and uses his company to do so.