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MARION – This May, just five inventors presented their ideas on renewable energy technology at a global conference on clean energy. The only American company was from Marion, Ohio. Jason Jordan with Jordan Energy Alternative presented several ideas on a world-wide stage.

“This was the largest gathering of ideas for the future. It was an opportunity to present in front of thinkers, problem-solvers and investors. I was thrilled,” Jordan said.

At the changeNow.World conference, Jordan presented several ideas. They included a portable solar power panel kit that anyone, from renters to home owners, can purchase for a few hundred dollars and plug into their homes. Jordan also shared his idea for a mobile solar unit, an autonomous car that could follow the military into disaster areas and provide power.

“Picture a Mini Cooper-sized car that is an autonomous vehicle with a solar array that unpacks automatically. When the military is deployed to a hurricane, these autonomous vehicles will follow the lead vehicles, deploy solar array, and provide energy to a localized microgrid to first responders.”

Jordan Energy Alternative is working to make affordable alternative energy products. On the left is a portable solar power array that anyone could buy and plug into their home or office to save money without paying thousands for installation. On the right is a resident vertical axis wind turbine.

Jordan also presented on hardware that uses the Internet of Things to communicate between homeowners and utilities to efficiently use power and prevent energy from being wasted.

“There are areas of the country where energy cost is high and demand is high. There are also areas of the country where there is stranded energy because there is too much energy on the grid. This solution would fix and monetize it,” Jordan explained.

This Marion native graduated from Marion Catholic. He studied mechanical engineering at The Ohio State University. He’s worked for defense contractors and in the automotive industry around the country.

“I really wanted to return to Marion and raise my family here,” Jordan said.

Jason Jordan poses with his family. From left to right: Jason, Jonas, Sarah, Palin and Tina. Jason grew up in Marion and graduated from Marion Catholic. Jason and his wife Tina moved to Marion to raise their children here.

Jordan landed a job at Whirlpool as a quality engineer. He is now a senior test systems engineer.

Jordan uses industry 4.0, robotics, computers and smart testing to test dryers. He encourages young people to learn about robotics and smart manufacturing.

“Automation and smart manufacturing are making sure companies can stay in Marion and add new businesses. Automation makes our lives better,” Jordan said.