Photo/via Jameson’s Painting and Cleaning
A Jameson’s truck sits outside a house where a worker completes new paint work.

By Dakota Antelman, Managing Editor

MARLBOROUGH – Jameson Dantas of Jameson’s Painting and Cleaning has built his business around customer satisfaction. 

Customer referrals, in particular, make up the backbone of his clientele from job to job. 

“That’s the way we like to work,” he explained in a recent interview. 

Just a few months shy of their 10-year anniversary later this year, Jameson’s offers experienced local painting and cleaning services across Central Massachusetts.  

Experienced in these jobs, Jameson’s assigns every customer to a manager specifically supervising the work being done on their house. 

They then welcome feedback on a customer satisfaction form sent to clients after a job’s completion.

“By the end results, the customer can be really happy with the results and then they can refer us to friends and family,” Jameson said. 

As an experienced industry professional, Jameson knows it can be difficult to welcome a stranger into the home. 

“It’s a little bit complicated to put that trust in somebody,” he noted. 

With that in mind, he and his team take steps to ensure they make situations as comfortable as possible. 

For one, there’s no upsell, Jameson said.

If he sees an unexpected service he can provide cheaply, he will broach the conversation. But, if a customer, for example, wants to exclude ceiling work from a painting job, Jameson won’t pressure them to change their mind. 

Then, there’s the dimension that COVID-19 adds. 

Especially as the pandemic raged during its peaks over the last year, Jameson took precautions to keep everyone safe. 

He encouraged customers to be out of the house during a job. If they could not or did not want to leave the house, he at least asked them to stay out of the room currently getting painted. 

This was out of concern for social distance. 

Everyone on the job, likewise, wears masks. 

While Jameson said he likes building a personal one-to-one connection with a client via an in-person job estimate appointment, he introduced a variety of options including telecommunication to hold those meetings that didn’t necessarily have to happen in person. 

Customers could choose those options if they wanted to.

“We just want to make the customer feel comfortable with us,” Jameson said.

Be it the height of the pandemic, or the present moment of relaxing restrictions, Jameson’s personable style of customer service and professionalism has been a decade in the making. 

Jameson started Jameson’s in 2011 with his wife and company co-owner. Today, they work together, with Jameson running the painting side of the company and his wife running the cleaning arm.

They’re currently operating in more than 85 communities built around a reliable network of suppliers and vendors that help Jameson get materials he needs quickly in the event of a sudden need during a job. 

This prevents delays and streamlines the entire process.

“I have a bit of support in case I need paint, supplies or anything,” he said.

Moving into a new decade, Jameson is pushing forward, excited for new jobs and grateful for the work he and his team have already done.

“We’re so grateful because we’re meeting new people every single day,” he said.

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