Maybe you’re tired of a room in your home and feel like it could use a spruce up but do not know where to start? Well, just like fashion trends go in and out of style, so do interior design trends. Taking influence from magazines, Pinterest, and even our own ideas is great, but sometimes we need extra inspiration! Top Austin Interior Designer, Killy Scheer gives us the lowdown of “What’s Haute Vs. What’s Not” in the design world. Plus, she shares expert tips for refreshing our space and keeping your home timeless and functional.

So, What’s Haute:

Color and textures are back! Recently, Scher & Co.’s clients have become more interested in wall treatments, sculptural furniture, and mixing old and new.

We’re seeing a greater appreciation of wood grains, veining in stone, and natural ‘imperfections’ found in materials.”

Killy Scheer, Principal/Owner

Something else that is grabbing Killy’s eye is Tramp art. She really noticed it at Round Top this year and appreciates the grand gesture a piece can make a space. So, what’s Tramp art? It is a type of art form that is characterized by notch carvings and is recently seen on mirrors, picture frames, and dressers.

What’s Not:

Everyone has their own specific style, but one trend that is slowly moving out of the mainstream is The Modern Farmhouse trend. Killy suggests styling for a trend.

I love to mix and match a few of my favorites styles – not only is it more specific to my unique lifestyle but if I get tired of one trend, I don’t have to completely redo my entire space.”

Killy Scheer, Principal/Owner

Do Not Follow Trends

Trends come and go. So, if you really like Mid-Century Modern, instead of decorating your whole home in that specific style, incorporate different elements to keep your space from looking like a showroom.

TIP 1: You should always have a focal point- a piece that is the main character. Everything around it is the supporting characters. TIP 2: Create a mood and switch up your space. Bring the hospitality feel of tapping into all senses by setting a mood–with lighting, candles or diffusers, and music when entertaining at home. TIP 3: Shop your house to refresh your space.