Green bedroom ideas are perfect for right now, as we’re all looking to foster a deeper connection to nature in our homes. And as our experts will tell, what better way than to indulge in a palette of glorious greens? Suitable for all rooms of course, but especially perfect for a restful bedroom scheme – as far as bedroom color ideas go, green instantly inspires calm, tranquility and connectivity to the great outdoors. 

Whether you’re ready to commit to greener way of life, or simply looking for inspiring new bedroom ideas – prepare to be persuaded by these creative and clever ways of decorating with green from 10 of our favorite interior designers. 


green bedroom ideas painted dark green walls

(Image credit: Chris Horwood)

Dive straight into the deep end with abundant forest hues. Deniz Bayern, founder of Studio Kaya felt drawn to dark and moody hues for this bedroom scheme. ‘I feel that a room painted in a rich colour gives the feeling of being warmly embraced,’ he says, and the theory here is the same as that which goes with grey bedroom ideas. ‘This particular shade of green, which is Norway Spruce by Valspar, injects drama into the bedroom while also providing a deep sense of tranquility through its direct connection to nature.’