Genshin Impact has really expanded by introducing a housing system into the game, known as the Serenitea Pot. All you need to do is meet a few requirements and you’ll have a realm of your own.

It’s a pleasant experience that is perfect for players who love the game but don’t want to spend all their time battling in domains. This housing system will likely go through a lot of updates as the game gets updated, but there are already a lot of cool things that players have done with their realms.

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While you wait for a slime-themed furniture set to spice up your home, why not do a bit of decorating? Below are some housing tips to help decorate your realm in style.

10 You Have Multiple Rooms

Mansion Editing

One thing that can be missed in all the excitement of literally being given your own mansion is the fact that you can decorate multiple rooms. When you first go into the decoration menu, you will only be able to decorate the main entrance, but cycling through the menu will allow you to decorate other rooms.

You can also decorate the upstairs area, but there are currently no upstairs rooms that you can go into. These are likely to appear in future updates.

9 You Can Create Mountains

Mountains in a realm

While you can’t go creating ponds or rivers, you can use furniture items to greatly change the layout of your outdoor area. There are tons of Boulders that you can pick up. Boulders can be used to create a raised town, forest, or even a high-up doggie sanctuary if you want.

If you are in a hurry to find them, keep a lookout for the traveling teapot salesman who sells a couple of boulder types.

8 Animals Can Be Placed Inside Or Outside

Boars in a realm

Animals are one of the few items that can be placed both inside and outside. Placing a dog inside is highly recommended, as they will follow around your house, and honestly, it is just a pleasant feeling. You may also be surprised to find out that animals have a rather high load limit.

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Placing a cat or dog actually has a load cost of 500, which can make them suck up your resource space so be aware before you make that animal sanctuary.

7 You Can Make Tunnels

A Realm in Genshin Impact

One of the coolest things to come out of the community so far is the discovery that you can make tunnels. This can be done by strategically setting boulders up outside and then linking them together. Some players have even made their very own cozy caves to hang out in using this method.

This can help you set up all types of interesting layouts, and stacking boulders together is relatively simple.

6 Keep Load Limits In Mind

Tubby's Realm Depot Store

When you really get into your decorating, it can be easy to forget that there is a load limit. Keep checking your load meter located at the top of the screen to see if you are in danger of running out of room. If you are placing high load items like a cat, then keep a note as they can be moved inside.

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It can be a bit difficult to gauge load limits as many items will take more to load than you’d expect.

5 Check All Angles Using Live Mode

mansion interior in a realm

One of the most frustrating things that happen when you first start decorating is having crooked furniture. You can rotate all you want, but when you finally pop out of the build mode, your bookcase is slightly diagonal. The best way to prevent this is to check it from every angle.

Placing an item and then popping out of build mode is one of the best ways to gauge your placement.

4 Keep A Screen Room

It’s important to build up your friendship with Tubby and ensure that you are getting a ton of realm currency. One of the best ways to do this is by having a ton of folding screens in your house as they are easy to make and easy to place. They will increase your adeptal energy, and in turn, boost your realm currency generation rate.

While you are in the early phases of development, designate a room in your mansion for screens. These can be taken out later, and you can focus on decorating the rest of your realm while your screen room makes you currency.

3 You Can Climb Objects

Genshin impact mansion exterior inside realm

One of the strangest things you can realize is that climbing houses is a thing in your realm. If it can be climbed outside of your realm, then it can be climbed in it. Climbing up houses and boulders is a great way to get a whole new view of your outdoor area and catch things that are out of place.

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Some players will even set up a boulder to climb up so that they can survey the area as their friends would see it.

2 Place Interactive Items

Genshin Impact Cooking Mini-game

One of the coolest things about having a portable teapot is all the amenities it can come with. You will get the blueprints for your very own stove, alchemy table, and blacksmith forge. Be sure to put these down as you can use them all to do tasks that you would otherwise need to visit a city for.

This is extremely convenient for making those last few ascension items when running around in search of chests.

1 Don’t Decorate All At Once

Outdoor Editing

Some of the best advice you can be given is to not throw all your decorations down at once. Once you place a few items, save and take a look to ensure they are where you want them. There is nothing worse than placing a series of items and them having to remove them all because the first one was slightly off.

Decorating is a lovely experience, but getting the perfect realm will take patience and planning.

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