India is a land of religions and colourful festivals. One such festival is the Ganesh Chaturthi, which marks the beginning of the auspicious 11-day long Ganeshotsav.

Ganesh Chaturthi is an annual celebration and involves welcoming Ganpati into our homes. During Ganeshotsav, houses are decorated elaborately and have a delightful and cheerful ambience.

The festival marks the birth of Lord Ganesha (also called Ganpati), the God of prosperity and wealth.

Decorating homes on Ganesh Chaturthi:

During Ganeshotsav, not only is the puja place where the Ganesha idol is placed adorned, but many Hindu families decorate their entire houses and plan various activities that bring the family together.

Make your Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations more special with these ideas for home decor:

– Decoration with flowers:

Flowers are often considered the harbinger of positivity and also play a vital role in Indian rituals. They add to the ambience, colour and festive spirit. So, choose flowers that compliment the colour of the Ganesha idol and puja decoration.

You can also mix-match the colours, but mostly yellow, orange and red flowers are preferred for festive decor. You can place a floral toran on the idol and leave the rest on the feet. A rangoli with flower petals can also be made.

– Decorate the walls:

To decorate walls and mandaps, you do not necessarily have to go for frills or garlands, instead, you can decorate with whatever is at your disposal.

You can use colourful sarees, dupattas, paper cuttings, hand-made lanterns and so on.

– DIY decor:

DIY decorations are cost-friendly, easy to make and eco-friendly as well. You can make a canopy like mandap with clothes in vibrant colours and carve out designs using thermocol sheets.

In addition to this, you can also try making eco-friendly Lord Ganesha’s idols at home with the help of clay, water, toothpicks and a knife or spoon. This will also help in avoiding environmental damage.

– Make beautiful rangolis:

Some rituals are both fun and artistic and drawing rangoli with the mix and match of colours and patterns is just the correct way to do it. The rangoli patterns have a lot of meaning and are done beautifully with symbolic connotations.

– Bring out the lights:

To illuminate the mandap and the puja room, you can arrange for fairy lights, diyas, candles of different shapes and sizes and also hanging lamps if available.

Decoration with lights can also serve as a beautiful backdrop for Lord Ganesha’s statue.

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