Cape May Count, NJ-based Majewski Plumbing has carved out a very favorable reputation for themselves by going above and beyond what’s expected of most plumbing companies. This includes taking extra time to post plumbing-related blog articles on its website that will provide its customers with some money-saving solutions. Now they have added to that blog collection by recently posting an article called ‘How to Affordably Replace Your Hot Water Heater’. This newly posted blog was written by the company’s owner, Frank Majewski, and can be seen here at

Majewski says, “As a responsible plumbing service, we feel that on us to do more than just doing quality plumbing work and offering good customer service. That’s why we also try to educate our customers on important plumbing-related topics and the best way we feel to do that is through the informational blogs that we frequently post on our website. Our newest blog is a good example of how we can put our many years of plumbing experience to good use to give our customers some sound advice that can help them save money on their energy bills.”


This new blog post started by giving some facts about home energy use and how heating water factors into that. It stated that according to the Department of Energy some 18% of most people’s energy bill is water heating related. This highlights the need for a person to be proactive when it comes to reducing the hot water-making portion of their home energy bills. It then when on to give some tips on how to keep a water heater working efficiently. The blog states that one of the best ways to do this is by keeping tabs on the age of a water heater and strongly consider replacing it when it gets to be 10 years old or it starts needing regular repairs. In Majewski Plumbing’s new blog, it also stated that it’s important to stay on top of water heater maintenance which includes periodically draining the tank and making temperature adjustments when necessary. The blog article also stated that periodic professional inspections and maintenance of water heaters are recommended and an important part of this task is testing the temperature-pressure relief valve.

The company not only posts blog articles that give its customers some good plumbing advice but many useful plumbing tips can also be gleaned from periodically checking their Facebook Page that can be viewed by going to

Majewski also went on to talk about the wide variety of commercial and residential plumbing services that they offer. This includes their plumbing diagnosis, repair, and renovation services. The company also takes on many custom plumbing projects such as installing complete plumbing systems on new construction. He stated that they are also experts when it comes to installing smart home technologies and properly doing winterizations on vacation homes that are not occupied during the colder months of the year.

The company owner also claimed that they are the top-rated plumbing service in Cape May County and the reviews that have been left on their Google Maps Business Listing tend to back that statement up. Lorraine Santiago wrote, “I am so very happy that I contacted Frank to speak with my husband about installing a tankless water heater. He was very calm & detailed with his explanation. Workers arrived on time, were very neat & professional, and they did an amazing job. I am so very happy with the work that was done. I highly recommend this plumber. I will definitely call on Frank for future plumbing work.” Bernadette Matthews stated, “Majewski Plumbing is my go-to plumber. They scheduled me rather quickly. The two guys who came to my house were courteous and quick to diagnose the problem. They fixed the problem to my satisfaction. I would definitely use them again. Thank you, Majewski Plumbing.” These are just two of the over 200 overwhelmingly positive reviews on their GMB Listing which have led the company to a commendable 4.9 out of a possible 5-star average rating.

Majewski added that those in Cape May County that would like more information on the plumbing services that his company offers can contact them by phone, email, or by filling out the form that’s found at the bottom of their website’s homepage at


For more information about Majewski Plumbing, contact the company here:

Majewski Plumbing
Frank Majewski
(609) 374-6001
[email protected]
1275 Bayshore Rd
Villas, NJ 08251

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