Ian Forester and Myra Francis are outside their wonderful home in Aviemore, the Saltia House.

The Aviemore couple admitted that they were a little disappointed, but still said they really enjoyed their home, which was chosen as the Home of the Year in Scotland.

Saltire House is a spectacular house inspired by Charles Rennie Mackintosh on Old Dalfaber Road in the village, earning 21 points. Judges Anna Campbell Jones, Michael Angus, and Kate Spires gave 7 points out of 10.

Inverness’s Colonel’s House scored 27 points and Lentran’s condominium apartments run second with 25 points as winners of the three BBC Series Scottish Home of the Year Highlands finals last night. have become.

Judge Michael Angus visited the real estate in Aviemore, Scotland's Home of the Year, last night.
Judge Michael Angus visited the real estate in Aviemore, Scotland’s Home of the Year, last night.

Saltire House owners Ian Forrester and Myra Francis were clearly thinking nothing about the outcome of the contest when they tuned in to TV viewers last night, but they were generous with their defeat.

Forester told the Strassie newspaper: “I thought we could have scored a few more points, but that’s right. I think Michael Angus really appreciated our concept. No. The Saltia House wasn’t meant to be a replica of Charles Rennie. ”Mackintosh House – But it’s a real honor to be in the show.

“In the days prior to the episode, well over 100 people must have contacted us in the hope of our happiness. There were 5 or 6 calls this morning, and people expressed empathy and surprise. ..

“But overall, it was a pleasure to be in Scotland’s Home of the Year. It was exciting to be there. I enjoyed shooting and received a lot of coverage from all over Scotland.

“I hope the Highland winner will be successful in the Grand Final.”

Last night, judges were shown to visit three homes in Aviemore, Inverness and Beauly Firth in the eighth episode of the current series, the Highland episode. They started with the Saltia House, which the Aviemores share with their black Labrador dogs, Blue and Max.

The entrance to the hall of Saltia House, inspired by Charles Rennie Mackintosh.
The entrance to the hall of Saltia House, inspired by Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

Kate Spires said last when revealing her mark to give the final sum: “This is a vibrant and interesting home with some suspicious decoration options. I thought. But the balcony went out and there was an oasis in the garden. Great use of space. “

The winner – Colonel’s House in Inverness – is a huge property on the corner of the city of Inverness, built in 1897 to house the Colonel of the Cameron Barracks.

Anna Campbell Jones said, “This is an incredibly majestic corner house. From the moment I passed through the door, I thought it was absolutely spectacular. The beautiful staircase in the hat and the painted anaglipta (wallpaper).

“I loved the different atmospheres created throughout the house. It was fun. It was a friendly but elegant and beautiful restoration.”

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