We are seeing some return to normalcy in our lives after lost time during COVID-19 and this means gathering with friends and family on a more frequent basis. 

Entertaining loved ones in your home again may have you itching to revamp your dining space. The dining room or your dining space is the perfect location to gather after these long months apart. 

Dining rooms, eat-in kitchens, or whatever your dining space might be is the place to catchup with and enjoy these special people in our lives. Be it over a home cooked meal, take-out, or game night, these areas deserve stylish décor and design elements that will make it shine. 

The dining table is usually the focal point of this space, but there are many ways to decorate around this statement piece in an effort to unite the whole room. If you want to revamp your dining space, the following are small ways to create a major statement without starting from scratch.

Paint and wallpaper are easy ways to produce major change to the space.  You don’t even have to paint all 4 walls.  By selecting an accent wall, you can select a complimentary shade of paint or a great wallpaper print or texture that goes with the existing paint.    

Add shelves for extra storage or to display accessories that can bring a pop of color or interest to the space.  Be it traditional shelves with brackets or floating shelves, any décor from traditional to contemporary can use this tip.