Mold can be a huge problem for homeowners, especially during the summer months when humidity is higher than ever.

That’s where ASAP Pressure Cleaning comes in.

The company not only helps to get rid of mold and mildew growth, it also provides an array of other cleaning services, including gutters and downspouts, screen enclosures, exterior paint prep, fences (vinyl, wood and metal), brick/block walls, pavers, pool decks, lanais and patios, decks and stamped concrete.

“We offer a variety of services, for a variety of surfaces, from soft wash to high pressure,” says owner Austin Batchelder. “We strive to keep your property looking clean and bright.”

Batchelder defines pressure-washing as the use of high-pressure water that is sprayed from a nozzle to remove dirt, grime, dust, mold, pollen and other unwanted contaminants from hard surfaces, such as driveways, wood decks, pool decks, sidewalks and other outdoor areas.

According to Batchelder, the amount of water pressure used depends on what the needs are. Typically, high pressure is used for driveways and sidewalks, whereas soft wash is used on shingles and tiles.

ASAP Pressure Cleaning has been in business since 2012, working with both homeowners and commercial customers primarily in Pasco and Hernando counties.

Batchelder says what sets his company apart from other pressure-washing operations, besides being licensed and insured, is the level of expertise his team offers, and the equipment he owns.

“Our truck-mounted commercial grade pressure- and soft-wash equipment are commercial machines, not just basic units out of your local hardware store,” explains Batchelder. “We also have the ability to bring water to jobs, and can heat water up to 200 degrees for jobs that require very hot water.”

ASAP Pressure Cleaning has both day and night crews, giving it the ability and flexibility to accommodate when the customer needs the job done. Because of Florida’s high humidity, Batchelder recommends pressure cleaning your home every three months to six months to prevent mold and mildew buildup on walkways, decks, driveways and siding.

“I always make it transparent to my customers that my service is repeating. It’s pretty much always going to rain and be humid in Florida, so new mold and mildew buildup will always occur,” says Batchelder. “My goal is to clean and maintain, so that mother nature doesn’t take back over.”

ASAP Pressure Cleaning is currently looking to add more pressure cleaning technicians for both day and night shifts. If interested, call Batchelder at 813-501-2010.