Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ latest event is Marine Day, which celebrates the cultural importance of the sea with new items and designs for players.

Despite Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘ lack of updates and news from Nintendo and its affiliates, it appears the game is still receiving some level of attention with the Marine Day event. Marine Day is based off of a real life Japanese celebration, during which the contribution of the sea to the prosperity of the country is acknowledged and celebrated. It holds particular importance given that Japan is an island nation, and is dependent on the sea for connecting it to the rest of the world. Marine Day is usually celebrated on the third Monday of every July, and special events such as water sports, water shows, and other cultural activities related to the sea take place.

Now, Japan’s Marine Day holiday has entered Animal Crossing: New Horizons and brought along new items to collect from the Nook Kiosk and Nook’s Cranny. The event arrived slightly early so players could get into the spirit of Marine Day and utilize some of the special items that appear in Nook’s Cranny until the event ends July 22nd. Some players are already embracing the Marine Day celebrations, and making breathtaking aquatic designs to honor the holiday and the ocean.

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One of the Marine Day items obtainable in Animal Crossing is accessible from Nook’s Kiosk, and may seem mundane at first, but can tie together the oceanic theme of one’s house. The captain’s wheel door decoration is only the first step of crafting the Marine Day aesthetic of an outdoor home scene, but players can further the effect by changing the colors of their house and roof. Many oceanside properties feature a white exterior with shingles and secondary colors to match the aquatic theme. The oceanic-themed color palettes of houses can be paired with aquatic-themed items such as sandcastles, surfboards, ships in bottles, and beach radios to complete the Marine Day look of Animal Crossing: New Horizons players’ and Villagers’ homes alike.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Islands Fit Marine Day Perfectly

Given the many ways to celebrate Marine Day in the real world, Animal Crossing: New Horizons players can design islands with complete creative freedom. Because of the size of ACNH’s islands, there is plenty of space to design areas for beach parties and water sports, especially with the wide variety of items that fit the Marine Day theme. In order to fill out some of the empty beach space and introduce a more natural setting, players may seek to plant more palm trees with spare coconuts. Beach chairs and lawn chairs make the perfect lounging setting, and when paired with ACNH Mermaid DIY recipes obtained from Pascal, can produce an enchantingly relaxing scene for those wishing to appreciate the sea’s many gifts.

When Animal Crossing: New Horizons initially released, players could obtain specimens for their museums by digging up fossils, catching bugs, or fishing. Nintendo later added the diving mechanic, which allowed players to obtain and wear wetsuits in order to explore the ocean surrounding their island. Like other creatures and fossils that can be discovered, the specimens captured from the ocean’s depths could be sold to propel the local economy at Nook’s Cranny. As a result, some may wish to extend some Marine Day spirit to their docks and rocky coastlines with more authentic settings. Buckets of water, wooden barrels, stumps, and a viewing station for the creatures caught underwater can turn docks in Animal Crossing: New Horizons into an active fisherman’s port. Placing the lighthouse item along the coast can complete the aesthetic of a profitable and functioning dock, with the seating options allowing player characters to sit back and rest after a long day at work.

One of the staples of the Animal Crossing franchise is the sheer number of items available to the player, encompassing hundreds of different styles and giving creative freedoms to build whatever designs are desired by the community. ACNH has only continued this trend with its vast number of aquatic-themed items to embrace the Marine Day spirit. No matter how players decide to celebrate Marine Day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, there are sure to be plenty of items to enact whatever designs fans can dream of.

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