Who doesn’t love summer? The extended vacations, the frosty beverages around the barbecue, the warm sand of the beach, and the refreshing cold of jumping into the water on a hot day.

Summer is a lot of fun. But it can also be a lot of work. There are yards to mow, pools to clean, entertainment plans to execute. Wouldn’t it be easier if some of that hard work was done for you?

Well, there’s good news: your smart home can help. We’ll offer you a few ideas to make your life easier in the summer by using your smart home and automation.

Automation Just for Summer?

There are a lot of seasonal things, including outdoor activities like camping and fishing. Why should automation be any different? That’s the beauty of owning a smart home. You can tweak it to suit your individual needs. So next time you think about automation, consider the season and some ways you can make your home setup work for you.

1. Automate Lawn Watering

In the summer, one of the main domestic jobs is yard maintenance. This chore includes watering the lawn. But who wants to stand outside in the sweltering heat to do so? Even worse, who wants to fumble with a sprinkler they have to move every fifteen minutes?

You should be reading your favorite novel on the back deck or working on your tan. So, why not automate watering? You can use a smart irrigation system for this purpose, or you can automate this process with a simple battery-operated timer. Either way, imagine how much time you’ll save when your lawn takes care of itself.


  • Can be used over multiple summers
  • Set it and forget it
  • Helps conserve water


  • The initial cost may be high
  • It takes a bit of work to set up
  • Not great for tiny yards

Cost: Between $35 – $200 depending on system

2. Automate Your Thermostat for Cool Summer Evenings

Emerson Thermostat Set at 69

There is nothing quite like walking into your home and having it be the perfect temperature, especially on a scorching summer day. Well, if you own a smart thermostat, then you can capture this feeling every time you walk in the door. Smart thermostats allow users to set specific temperature schedules, adjust settings from anywhere, and dial in their perfect indoor climate.

Most thermostats come with setup guides to make things easy. Once you configure everything, you can enjoy the perfect temperature all summer long. If you already have a smart thermostat installed, then this process is easy to set up. Check your owner’s manual for details.


  • Wide range of customization options
  • Easy to adjust schedules
  • Works in other seasons as well


  • Manual adjustment may be necessary in certain cases

Cost: $60 – $300 depending on thermostat model

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3. Automate Pool and Hot Tub Equipment

If you own a pool or hot tub, then there is a good possibility that you own a mechanical timer for your pump motor. Why not consider switching to a smart timer and automating your pool or hot tub equipment? Smart timers cost only a few dollars more than a standard mechanical timer in many cases.

You can control these timers from a smartphone or tablet without accessing the physical equipment. Additionally, you can add a smart pool cleaner to your pool if you’d like to automate the daily chore of pool cleaning. These cleaners skim, vacuum, and can be operated while people are enjoying the pool. Think of them like robotic indoor vacuums for your outdoor swimming pool.


  • Not extremely expensive
  • Control your pool equipment with your smartphone


  • Some items require professional installation

Cost: $70 – $300

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4. Automating Lights for Easy Entertaining

Vladmir Mokry Light Bulbs On Strings Inside With Window In Background

Light automation is a classic way to ensure the ambiance of your evening barbecue is perfect. If you entertain in the summer, as many do, then the ideal way to interact with lighting is via a smart app. For more fun, let guests choose lighting color schemes by using adjustable RGB light strips or bulbs.

Outdoor plugs will be slightly more expensive if you decide to purchase something. But, if your event is only for a day, then why spend extra? Indoor smart plugs work just fine. You can automate these plugs within many smart plug manufacturer’s mobile apps.


  • Cheap and easy
  • You can use standard smart plugs


  • Bad weather can damage non-outdoor units

Cost: $0 – $100

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5. Set Up Geofencing to Keep Track of the Kids

Two boys sitting on a wall with cellphones

When summer comes, and the kids are out of school, it’s often hard to keep tabs on where they are. Setting up a geofence can help. Geofencing will let you know when certain smart devices, and the people carrying them, leave or enter an area.

Geofencing is also helpful for monitoring rambunctious teenagers with late-night wanderlust. Most smartphones support geofencing in some capacity, and setting up a geofence is often reasonably easy to do.


  • Great for kids that like to roam
  • Can be set up for individual devices


  • Only works within a particular area
  • Can feel intrusive to some

Cost: Nothing in many cases

6. Mow Your Lawn With Automation

Some people don’t know that you can mow your lawn with smart home technology. Smart lawnmowers exist, and they can continually keep your grass at bay during the summer months.

Unfortunately, automating your mowing job does require a bit of initial investment, but it is well worth it if you spend hours on yard maintenance every week. To up the ante, pair mowing automation with an automated irrigation system for a beautiful, hands-off lawn that your neighbors will envy.


  • Entertains your laziness
  • Doesn’t complain like a teenager would


  • More expensive than a manual unit
  • Complicated initial setup—hire a professional

Cost: $1,000 or more

7. Automate Your Backyard Barbecue

Person in denim apron cooking on a kettle grill

If you’ve always wanted to cook the perfect backyard burger, then what better way than to automate your smart grill?

Sure, you could buy a whole new grill for this purpose if you wanted, but what might be more cost-effective is to start with a smart grill thermometer. If you constantly burn your burgers or your chicken comes out pink, then automating the cooking process is a great way to keep from being ousted from the grill.


  • Cook delicious food without effort
  • Become the household grill master


  • You’ll probably gain some weight

Cost: $35 – $1,500

Rule the Summer With Smart Home Automation

Summer is the best season for outdoor activities. By leveraging your smart home tech, you can make the season even more relaxing and enjoyable. Automation can help.

With useful automation ideas, you can ensure that your home will be the place where friends and neighbors want to congregate. You’ll also create the perfect respite for family fun and relaxation. And isn’t that what summer is all about?

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