With Google Assistant actions, you can launch a series of tasks thanks to a single command. Your smart home devices always provide additional capabilities with routines. We explain how it works, and discuss four helpful procedures.

What is the routine?

Google Assistant can perform useful tasks on demand, even with your smart devices. For example, you can turn smart lights on or off. Routines ensure that you can run multiple Google Actions with a task or question that you choose yourself.

There are standard actions that you can activate for typical daily scenarios, such as waking up or sleeping, but you can also develop your own commands. If you want to include your smart home devices in these actions, it is necessary to add the respective devices to the Google Home app.

Below we discuss the possibilities with standard helper actions and some custom actions. But first we show with the step-by-step plan below where you can find the routines on your phone.

road map

  1. Open Google Assistant By long pressing the home button on your phone (navigation buttons) or swiping from the bottom corner of the screen to the center (using gesture navigation)
  2. Click on it bottom left icon To open your personal overview
  3. Click on it profile icon From your Google account at the top right
  4. Scroll down and choose routine

1. Good morning

This is one of the more standard procedures that were already available before the routines became officially available in the Netherlands. However, “Hey Google, good morning” remains a very useful routine that most users with smart home devices will want to use.

In Routines, click good morning, and then you can link the actions below to it.

Useful actions:
  • what is the time: Add an action > Receive information and reminders > Give me time
  • weather forecast: Add an action > Receive information and reminders > Turn on weather forecasts
  • List your calendar events: Add an action > Get info and reminders > Listen to my schedule for the day
  • Your way to work: Add Action > Receive Information and Reminders > Provide Information About My Path to Action
  • The lights are on: Add action > Customize smart home devices > Customize settings for lights, sockets, and more (+ tap the arrow to adjust)
  • Media playback: Add Action > Media Play and Control > Choose Radio, Music, Podcasts, and what you want
4 Google Assistant actions you want to set up right away

2- “Superherinneringen”

Your morning routine is in full swing with Good Morning, but your kids desperately need to get ready for school. With this routine, you can set a helpful reminder to be called on one of the smart speakers: “We’re leaving in 10 minutes!” You can call up this message every day of the week by your smart speaker at a specific time. A reminder like this can also come in handy for other things, such as what day of the week you should take out the litter boxes. Below we explain how to set such a reminder from the routine’s home screen.

This is how to set it up:
  1. Journalism new
  2. Choose add start
  3. tap on time
  4. choose time of day, in the previous moment Repeating the routine On He. She A device that transmits the message. ended with ready
  5. tap on Add Voice Launcher
  6. Name your command, although you won’t have to use it afterwards. then press ready
  7. Choose Add work
  8. Journalism Add your tasks
  9. Write the following: “Call: We’ll be leaving in 10 minutes!” with confirmation ready
  10. tap on Memorizes
4 Google Assistant actions you want to set up right away

3. Driving home from work

There is a specific routine for those who drive home in the evening, and it is called “on the way home.”. You can activate it with the command “Hey Google, I’m driving home” orHey Google, it’s time to go home.” You can then calculate your route, set up some relaxation for the route – for those using Android Auto – and immediately inform your partner of your estimated time of arrival. We explain actions that may be useful along with this routine homeward bound.

Useful actions:
  • Calculate your route home: Add an action > Receive information and reminders > Provide information about my way home
  • Tell us you’re on your way: Add action > Communicate to announce > Tell me I’m on my way home (called Smart Speakers)
  • Media playback: Add Action > Media Play and Control > Choose Radio, Music, Podcasts, and what you want
  • Turn on the heating if necessary: Add Action > Customize Smarthome Hardware > Customize Thermostat
  • Send an SMS to report the estimated time of arrival: Add Action > Call to Ad > Send SMS > Then Google asks you every time to whom you want to send the message, and remember the time of arrival.
4 Google Assistant actions you want to set up right away

4. Where is that party?

Routines are not only powerful in practical situations, but can also be fun. You can create an atmosphere in no time with your chosen task: “Where’s this party?”. Then the music starts playing and the smart lights start in the house after a preset scene. We’ll show you how to set this up, starting with the Actions settings menu.

This is how to set it up:
  1. Choose new
  2. Journalism add start
  3. tap on voice command
  4. write in Where is that party? and busy On ready
  5. Choose Add work > Continue to advertise > Fink say something In > press the arrow next to it > type Here’s that party! > Choose ready> one more time ready
  6. Journalism Add work > Media playback and control > Music > Press the arrow next to it > Type the name of the playlist > Select ready > again ready
  7. Journalism Add work > Customize smart home devices > Setting scenes > Tap the arrow next to it > Select one or more scenes > Tap ready > again ready
  8. Journalism Memorizes
4 Google Assistant actions you want to set up right away

Are there any routines you use that you want to share with? Would you start with one of the following? Perhaps you are not a fan of routine and use alternatives to organize your smart home. Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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