The art of implementing smart ideas

As building practice evolves, the technologies that accompany modern residences move with it. The smart home as futuristic as it sounds is here. The ability to control ventilation, power and levels of natural light can now be done at the touch of the button, and the Smart Building Ideas category […]

‘Never seen anything like this’

A hilltop home with expansive views and unique architecture style is on the market in Petaluma for $2,695,000. The home is known as the MIJI House and has several interconnected living spaces. It can be challenging to describe: Even its former owner, Jim Soules, and one of its co-listing agents, […]

Luxury Plumbing Fixtures Market 2021: Potential growth, attractive valuation make it is a long-term investment | Know the COVID19 Impact

The research analysis report on the Global Luxury Plumbing Fixtures Market examines historical data and emerging technologies to identify the key drivers influencing the development of the industry. The report also contains expert advice that helps consumers focus on their development goals and make informed decisions. All-important trend prospects and […]